PanTum Detect Experts

Find out more about the people behind the blood test.


Many people have been involved in creating PanTum Detect, which today helps to detect cancer at an early stage. The following are only a few of the people who have contributed to the success of the blood test.

Dr. Johannes Coy


Discovered TKTL1, the gene which made early detection by PanTum Detect possible in the first place.

Dr. Oliver Feyen

Head of Research and Development

Head of development for EDIM technology, on which PanTum Detect is based.

Dr. med. Katja Failing


Medical director of precura screening center in Darmstadt, the first cancer screening center in Germany.

Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi, M.D.

Oncologist and hematologist, ABIM certified, founder and chief physician of the Millennium Cancer Center in Delhi, India

Long-time partner and expert in immuno-oncology for more than 30 years in Texas, USA and Delhi, India

Pantum Detect is a truly innovative and revolutionary test in the field of caner management. It is the holy grail of a universal test with a high sensitivity and specificity for the detection of early cancer.
This is a game changer in the practice of cancer medicine which can bring about early detection with a high cure rate for most cancers.

Pantum Detect will help save millions of lives and bring down the morbidity and mortality from cancer tremendously.

It will also result in saving million of dollars for the patients and the payers making the daunting cost of treatment surmountable.
Thank you Zyagnum for introducing Pantum Detect to the world.

Dr. med. Mario Krause

General Practitioner

Long-time partner, PanTum Detect expert and Medical Director of the German Center for Individualized Prevention and Performance Improvement (DZIP).

Private lecturer Dr. med. habil. G.-André Banat


Medical Director at precura center Darmstadt. Chief Physician at Wetterau Health Center (academic teaching hospital of Justus Liebig University, Giessen).


I am not afraid of a tumor if it is detected early. I have been using the test for years and I am very happy with it.

Dr. med Dr. phil Natalie Jansen

General Practitioner
More about Dr. Jansen (German version only)